Fanart Kaoru Kamiya



Fanart Kenshin Himura

kenshin Himura

Concept Design of Prince Dhiren (Tiger’s Curse)


Illustration made for a children book

Gerard Van Oost and Oludara

Concept art of the main characters of the Christopher Kastensmidt’s books

The sorceress Centaur

This illustration was an idea I had when I was in a SCRUM workshop (a process of project management).

I made a sketch of the Centaur face in a piece of paper and then decided to turn this idea into a painting where I could explore other elements I wanted to study in my process.

I need to improve some elements but overall I liked the result.

Hope you like it either.


Axel Terra Brandford and Muralha.

Fanart of the characters from the book Dragões de Éter.


 Redesign of one of my old characters.

4 thoughts on “Personal

  1. Wonderful! I run a Rurouni Kenshin blog, would if be okay if I posted your kenshin and kaoru artwork, credited, with your permission, or reblog if you already have it up on tumblr? If not, totally understandable. I ask for permission before posting anything from an artist.

  2. Your artwork is beautiful! I run a Rurouni Kenshin blog, and would love to feature your Kenshin and Kaoru artwork, credited and with a link, with your permission. But if you aren’t okay with that, that’s totally understandable. I don’t post anything up without permission from the artist. You have amazing talent.

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